Photo Friday!

This month, I am participating in the Photo A Day May from Fat Mum Slim. These are the photos from week three:

14. Grass. Living in a city leads me to finding grass either in the park (there are 21 parks in SF) or, by the bases of trees on the sidewalk. This is a picture of the latter.


15. Love. I think love and hearts are linked. That’s why I took a picture of these heart-shaped designs on the front of this window. I actually find a lot of these in the city.


16. What You’re Reading. Cookbooks. Yes, I read cookbooks in the same way I read novels. Cover to cover. At least once. And, yes, I am reading more than one at the same time.


17. Snack. Cucumber chunks. My mom, dad, and sister can probably remember as much I can, that I always ate cucumber chunks as a snack. That’s what I called them, too. Not slices or matchsticks or pieces, but chunks. Weird, I know. But healthy. How many kids (or even adults) would just snack on cucumber?


18. Something I Made. I made these scones. More on that later. 🙂




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