Photo Friday!

This month, I am participating in the Photo A Day May from Fat Mum Slim. These are the photos from week four:

19. A favorite place. This is one of my favorite delis in San Francisco. It was the first deli I ate at here that really reminded me of an East Coast (Jewish) deli. My other favorite in SF is Wise Sons.

20. Something I Can’t Live Without. Babkah. More specifically, chocolate babkah. But really, I can’t live without dessert. Whether it is a cookie, slice of pie, ice cream, or a piece of chocolate, I need to have dessert everyday. Also, I wouldn’t have a career if it were not for dessert.

21. Where you stand. On the corner of 34th Ave. in San Francisco. This is not just where I stood when I took this picture, but where I currently live.

22. Pink. The ribbon and flowers from the Mother’s Day present my sister sent over here.

23. Technology. My keyboard on my MacBook. It is rare that I see someone with a computer that is not a Mac, or a phone that is not an iPhone. (of course, I do fall into the latter category)

24. Something new. These shorts are the newest addition to my wardrobe. They are lavender and I love them! I never even thought I would own a pair of shorts while living in SF, but these summer days have been warm so far, and they look great with a pair of tights, so it works in the cooler weather as well.

25. Unusual. I am cheating again with this one. The solar eclipse that happened earlier this week was certainly unusual, and while I didn’t take any pictures myself, I saw a lot of cool pictures of it and really like this one. (Picture taken from BigSurKate)

Only one more week left. I feel like I did okay with taking the pictures every day, but mostly this project made me take more pictures of life overall in this month and really pay attention to things in a different way. It was my way of posting regularly on this site and I am sad that I did not post much besides these, but I am inspired to keep posting photos on Fridays, and more regular (weekly) posts. I know I have said this before, but I have a plan in mind, and I will act on it in the coming weeks.

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