September links: parts one and two (updated)

Another month full of wonderful foodie articles:

This time, I decided to break it up in half, since the list on the whole month was a bit long.

First half of the month (September 1-15)

  1. Fresh herbs make sweet and sophisticated ice cream
  2. A $10 “Cakeage” fee per guest is a little excessive
  3. A Chef in His Getaway Galley
  4. Roger Ebert: No Longer an Eater, Still a Cook
  5. Watermelons: What happened to the seeds?
  6. How the recession ate into diners’ table time
  7. Matchmaking for Cooks and Food Lovers
  8. Your morning cup of nostalgia: Cake baking in 1894
  9. Restaurant menus getting interactive, turning to iPads
  10. How Lunchtime Is Turning Into Snack Time
  11. Who Put the Whiskey in My Milkshake?

and here are the articles I read in the second half of the month. (September 16-30)

  1. Food as Art: A Craftsman’s Quest for Culinary Greatness
  2. Swizzle sticks make a new stir
  3. The World’s Most Influential Chefs
  4. ‘Top Chef’ Meets ‘Ratatouille’ In ‘Kings Of Pastry’
  5. Tacos boost cool quotient with new twists on taste
  6. San Francisco In Rare Restaurant Gold Rush
  7. Zagat results: Gary Danko most popular restaurant
  8. So a dish walks into a bar …
  9. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
  10. Ben & Jerry’s to curb use of ‘All Natural’ on labels

What September Means To Me…

…was the theme of this month’s Daring Bakers’ Challenge.

The September 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Mandy of “What the Fruitcake?!” Mandy challenged everyone to make Decorated Sugar Cookies based on recipes from Peggy Porschen and The Joy of Baking.

Since sugar cookies should not really be a challenge for anyone to make, the challenger set it up so that we had to bake/decorate the cookies with the theme of what September means to us.

The Jewish High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah, the New Year, and Yom Kippor, the day of atonement) both fall in September, so I made shofar, torah, and Jewish star (star of David) shaped cookies. I made them with just white royal icing because:

1) I did not have time to go out and buy food coloring

2) It was Yom Kippor when I made them, so I thought that white was appropriate, since it is the color that you wear to show your respect for the day of reflection…or something like that.

Anyway, I brought the cookies to the Break-the-fast dinner I went to and they seemed to be well-received since they were gone by the end of the night. (Not sure if they were all eaten that night, or someone took them home.)

Although they were simple, and easy to make, I enjoyed this challenge. It was a nice way to celebrate the holidays. Continue reading

Chocolaty Brownies

These brownies are between cakey and fudgey. They are quite chocolaty and tasty, as I know because I almost did not get a chance to take a picture of them before they were devoured by my roommates. The recipe is a hand-me-down from my friend’s mother. Really simple and no special ingredients. (and no nuts either! ;))

My notes about the recipe: I didn’t have 12oz of chocolate chips, but I had 6oz chips and 6 oz semi-sweet chocolate squares. I melted the squares with the unsweetened chocolate and butter. Then followed the recipe as is. I just used a rubber spatula to mix and fold in the ingredients, and it seemed to be pretty thick and fudgey. I also put the batter in a 9×9 pan (or 8×8-can’t remember) which usually helps make them fudgier, too.

Continue reading

Project Food Blog: Entry Number One

This is entry number one…why I should become the next food blog star!

I started blogging because I was inspired by all of the other blogs out there. They had recipes that I wanted to try and amazing photos to go with them. There were also stories from the heart about their lives and how that day’s adventures brought them to making or baking that food. I wanted that. I wanted a way to share what I bake and the stories behind them. I think my blog is unique because I share a lot of tips and tricks along with the recipe. I know I don’t have the best photos, but I try to post the best I’ve got. I also share other baking and foodie adventures in the world of food that takes place in the city of San Francisco. I think I am very lucky to have found such a great city to explore and live in. Overall, my blog is about my adventures in food and baking and I love to share what I’ve learned and what I know.

I have learned a lot about blogging and about baking since I first started this blog, which is just another plus. I joined the Daring Bakers in January, and have been loving the challenges because it keeps my mind open beyond the desserts I know. I love getting the prospective of bloggers from around the world. We all have our challenges when it comes to baking, whether it’s ingredients, time, or lack of knowledge or skills. It is nice to have a group of people to share these challenges with and learn from each other.

I think everyone likes to bake and learn the right steps and techniques to do so. I think my blog does that because of the tips and tricks that I put in when I am making something. I try to write the blog post the day that I am baking the product (sometimes even while it’s in the oven!) so that what I did is fresh in my mind. When I make mistakes, I share them. Sometimes I’ve made mistakes into masterpieces…I try to get creative and use the product instead of just throwing it away.

I like to use all of a product. When I buy some ingredient specifically for one cake, I try to use the leftovers right away in something else so that the product that I bought does not get thrown in the back of my pantry and then eventually thrown out. That is another way that I set myself apart from the other bloggers. I use what I have on hand a lot of the time. As a single, young woman, living in the very expensive city of San Francisco, I have learned to use what I’ve got. This helps me think creatively and to think out of the box.

I really like blogging and I hope that my readers enjoy learning about baking and reading about my adventures in baking and with food in general. I’ve recently started posting food related articles that have caught my attention over the weeks of each month. I started doing this because I wanted to share what I thought was an interesting trend or something interesting about the world of restaurants and chefs. There are so many different “foodie” things happening, that I think my blog is a good way to share what I think are the most interesting things going on.

I have written a review for a new recipes website, and for new cookware and bake ware. I have had the opportunity to interview a chef and write about that experience. I also have been involved in various bake sales and have baked for many different causes. I have been to food festivals and tasted desserts served at many different restaurants. I like to share these adventures as well because they are just as important as sharing the recipes I have tried. It lets my readers into my life and shows allows them to learn more about me and about what I am involved with in my everyday life.

I get inspired by the other bloggers and the articles that I read every day and there are so many recipes that I have bookmarked that I have yet to try (and blog) about.  I look forward to finding what I want to bake next and get my camera ready and just getting down and dirty with some flour, sugar, and butter (and probably some chocolate).  I hope that I inspire my readers and get them as excited about baking as I do!

The Jewish New Year: Shofar, so good.

Yes, the that (the title of this post) is the corniest joke I’ve made (thus far). Now that I’ve got your attention (at least I hope you are still reading), I wanted to let you, my beloved (and dedicated) readers know that I have decided to participate in the Project Food Blog, brought to you by Foodbuzz. And, since you are such dedicated readers, you know that I have been involved in other Foodbuzz projects before, including the weekly specials and this exclusive interview. However, this is a very different project, as I am competing against many (like close to 2,000) other food bloggers from around the world. For this project, I need YOUR HELP. I need you to go to Foodbuzz and VOTE FOR ME (and my blog!) Please! I will send you cookies if you do! (A promise I can only keep if you tell me who you are.) So, uh, yeah, go to it. Love you all! 🙂