About Me

this is me and my blog. I am a baker who is trying to succeed at…life. if you have any questions, leave a comment. :o)

for my work history, please click here.

I am a baker in San Francisco, CA. I moved to San Francisco about 5 years ago…

…right after graduating from The Culinary Institute of America. I would like to open my own bakery in the future.

first day of school…circa 1992-ish

A food-based questionnaire I filled out a few years ago: (some answers might have changed over time; not all answers have been updated)

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget? How about your favorite kitchen appliance?

I like simple things, like my spatula for mixing and the small spatula that I use for removing things from the pan, such as cookies from a cookie sheet. I like the hand mixer from my grandmother, because it is not as powerful as the modern versions, I am able to control the mixing better.

Are you known for making a certain dish or dessert? If so, what is it?

I am known for making Better Than Brownies Cookies

What is the ultimate comfort food to you?

Macaroni and cheese, made from scratch, not from the box!

Which season (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall) is your favorite.. why?

I like warm weather, and flowers, so spring/summer.

Other than cooking and/or baking.. what hobbies do you enjoy?

rock climbing (a newer favorite), watching movies, reading, learning (sounds boring, but it’s so not!)

How long have you been blogging? Do you like it? What’s your favorite post you’ve written?

I’ve been blogging for quite awhile, since I used to blog as a journal when I was in high school and a freshman at college, but I’ve only recently been blogging about baking/desserts. I like sharing my ideas with other people. I don’t really have a favorite post.

What’s your favorite cookbook for desserts/baking? What’s your favorite cookbook for savory/cooking?

I am really into Field Guide To Cookies right now, along with Baking, The Joy the Baker cookbook, and all of these lovely blogs!

Is there one food that you seriously dislike/hate? If so, which is it and why?

I am not a big fruit fan. I was never pushed to really try it as a kid, and I am growing fonder of certain fruit.

What’s your favorite flower and/or plant?


Who taught you how to cook and/or bake?

My mother, and I went to pastry school.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Thanksgiving, and any holiday about food harvesting. It seems to be what brings the family together the most.

Do you have a food addiction?


What kind of colors do you like? Pastels? Earth tones? Brights? Neons? Etc.

Bright colors; purple is my favorite color.

If you had the choice of a free kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom makeover – which would you choose and why?

I think kitchen, though, this is of course assuming that I own my house…

The Martha – Angel of Domestication or Minion of Evil? Why?

somewhere in-between.

Do you watch any competitive cooking shows? Like Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen? If so, which is your favorite and why?

I like watching Top Chef.

What’s your favorite “sweet” spice? How about your favorite “savory” spice?

I like vanilla and cinnamon.

What’s your favorite herb to cook or bake with? Do you prefer fresh or dried?

I like rosemary, and basil, either dried or fresh is fine.

Do you have a time saving kitchen tip you’d like to share with us?

Clean as you go, it helps de-clutter your brain as well as the space.

2 thoughts on “About Me

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