Here you will find a list of all of the recipes I feature on my site. I am hoping this makes it easier to find what you are looking for, and you will not have to scroll through an entire post if all you are here to do is find “that recipe you wanted to try”. I am allowing comments on this page so that you’ll be able to tell me any questions/comments/concerns/thoughts you have about this page and/or about the recipes here.

I will be putting links to the original posts where these recipes came from, as well as links to any recipe sites I’ve used, including other blogs.

So, here it is, a list of recipes I have featured on Having My Cake And Sharing It 2:

Cakes (includes cupcakes!)

Candy (including items such as lollipops and brittle)

Cheese (includes Marscopone)

Cookies (includes brownies and other bar cookies)

Custards (Just about anything held together with eggs can be considered a custard, which is why in England cakes are called “pudding”.  Here, in America, I am calling cakes “cake” and pudding “pudding”, so that is what you’ll find in this recipe category.)

Donuts/fritters (includes any fried dough)

Pies/tarts (this includes doughs and fillings)

Quick breads (Just about anything made with baking powder/baking soda can be called a quick bread. Here, I have listed items such as zucchini bread, and crackers.)

Souffles (This could really have fit under cakes or custards, but since I couldn’t decide, and I want to make this easy to navigate, I made it its own category.)

Yeast doughs (includes cinnamon buns and obviously, any dough containing yeast)

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