What is your favorite board game?

(last NaBloPoMo post for June-I did it!) This is a tough question…I like many board games. I suppose Sorry! is/was the best one because it was a bit of chance, and a bit of strategy. Once I learned the strategy, it was one of the board games I was good at winning. I also like playing Monopoly, but I am not as good at that. I liked playing trivia games including Trivial Pursuit, and Go To The Head Of The Class. I am/was not very good at those either because I am not very good at remembering (trivial) facts. Hmm…I was a big fan of Candyland but that is really just a game of chance. As was Trouble. I also like playing Clue and even watching the movie from time to time, but I am also not very good at making guesses. I’ve played The Game Of Life a couple of times, and not really a big fan of it. I guess my favorite board games involve either trivia or strategy, even if I am terrible at it because when I win, it really makes me feel more like I’ve accomplished something. Really hard to pick just one as my favorite. I guess if I really had to choose, I would say Sorry! because while simple, there is enough strategy and change in the game to keep me interested for a while. Does Scrabble count as a board game? I don’t really know what else it would count as. Just a word game? Anyway, I like Scrabble, but I’ve learned to like Bananagrams better. It goes faster and you don’t have to wait for other people. You also do not have to score anything, since there are no point values on the tiles and no board, so no “triple word scores” to count. I also like playing classics such as checkers or Backgammon.  I like playing Connect Four, but I am not sure that counts as a board game, since it is vertical. I guess that’s pretty much all the board games I’ve played. So I guess you could say I like them all. What kind of games do you like to play?

Do you like your name?

I like my name. It is unique and not too complicated. Though people sometimes make it complicated. They’ll ask, “how do you pronounce it? Is it AR-riel or like AIR-riel?” How is it spelled? Some people like to spell it like it’s the aerial view of something. Or like the font-Arial. Or, something more understandable, like Michelle, with two Ls and Es. Nope. It’s just Ariel. Spelled like “the mermaid” but not named after her. If I had a quarter for every time I was asked “Ariel, like the mermaid?” I’d be so rich! 🙂 It is a Hebrew name, a unisex name, meaning Lion(ness) of G-d. And yes, I have met male Ariels. I was excited to go to Israel, not just because I had not been there before, but I was expecting to see memorabilia with my name on it. Like a pencil or something. I was always obsessed with looking for things with my name on it when I was little. I think that the only way I got things personalized was by asking for it specifically. I like when people make other connections with my name other than The Little Mermaid, such as Ariel, the character in The Tempest. I tried getting people to believe that I was named after that Ariel character, and not named after a Disney princess. They didn’t believe me. Then I explain the Hebrew thing, and then get into a Jewish thing. I like my name, but I do not like the conversation I have with people about it when I first meet them. I like the people who say, oh, that’s a pretty name and move on. I like having a unique name and I like that it is only five letters and that’s it.

My last name is a whole different story. Always knew when it was a tele-marketer because they would mis-pronounce the name. I do like being in the middle of the alphabet. I always felt bad for those toward the end. It was good during graduation, I did not have to be the first and not know what to do, and did not have to wait too long for my name to be called. I also usually got out of doing something because the teacher would pick people alphabetically, and by the time they got to me, they had enough people for what they had to do. I didn’t mind sitting alphabetically in class. Sat next to some nice and interesting people that way.

So yes, overall, I like my name. Will I be happy to change my last name when I get married? Only if it is easier for people to pronounce and spell. Otherwise, I will be happy because I am marrying the man of my dreams and the one I love, and that’s what matters the most.

How about you, do you like your name? Do people pronounce your name and spell it correctly on the first try?

Where do you buy your groceries?

This video:

reminded me that there are many places to buy food. Not only are there the greatest places to buy (fresh) food, aka farmer’s markets, but there are more mainstream grocery stores and supermarkets. There’s Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s and here in SF, there’s Rainbow Grocery for the Organic/Natural foods as well as Safeway and CalFoods and Mollie Stones for just about everything else. There’s also Lucky and some other markets that are just produce or just meat and there are Russian markets and Chinese markets and a bunch of other places to get food to cook at home. So as you can see, we have a variety of places to go food shopping. However, I remember only being able to go to Publix and Walmart for food when I was living in Florida. To me, this was unfortunate because Florida, like California, there’s an abundance of produce at their finger tips. It seems like a waste to have a Walmart in a place like Florida. Though, I guess people mostly buy other things at Walmart than food. Anyway, I thought the discussion I had with a few friends a while back was interesting because it debated shopping in one place versus shopping in multiple places and why. Is it the prices? The convenience? Both? I like to save money when I shop, but I also like getting the best food (though I am brand-loyal to some things) and I know that I might shop at multiple places to get what I want. I know others would shop at multiple places to get the best price. Others just want to buy everything in one store. In. Out. Done. So tell me, where do you get your groceries?

Goals in life

Everyone has goals in life. Things that will make us happy. That will make our lives better. I have little goals and big goals and little goals to make the big goals happen. For example:

  • Make money.
  • Make enough money to start a business.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Learn the ins and outs of having a business.
  • Pay back student loans.

I feel like these are all connected goals having to do with my career. Then there are more goals that are for life:

  • Travel more. Travel outside of the U.S.
  • Travel to more states in the U.S.
  • Fall in love. Get married. Have a family. (In that order, over years of time.)
  • Own a house.

Here are some goals that I think can come sooner than later:

  • Own a dog.
  • Live in an apartment by myself.
  • Get a new laptop.

Here is a goal that I think everyone should have:

  • Be a better person
  • (See last post about being kind to others)

What are some of your goals? I think it is best to write them down on a single piece of paper. Put it away somewhere and take it out on your birthday every year. Cross out the things you’ve achieved and add at least two new ones. Remember this:

Random acts of kindness…

…should be done more often. I wrote that as a typo at first: Random acts of kidness. Funny how one letter could change the meaning. Even though “kidness” is not a word, I feel like making it one. Like something that is playful or reminds you of being a kid. kidness. think about it. Anyway, what I meant to say was kindness. People are kind to people, believe it or not. But not as often as they should be. I thought about writing about how one should be kind to others by doing certain things, but really almost anything will do. I went to an event called the Swagapalooza, where I learned about these cards that you can buy, and they are all about random acts of kindness. What you do is take one of the cards, do the thing that is on it, and then pass that card on to someone. Then they do that thing on the card and pass it on. A way of passing it forward. You can register the card online and “follow” where it goes and even read the stories that come from it. I got a pack of these cards for free at the event. The ones I got are about doing more “green” things. Cool concept, right? I was thinking about all of this because of my new obsession, Pintrest, where I have found great inspiration for all parts of life. From “words to live by” to “food to make” and “my style board” I have found many things that I want in my life. I think that these are things that everyone should want in their life, too. (Find me on Pintrest if you are interested, and want to know more) So my message today is to go out and do something nice for someone. Anyone. Someone you know. A stranger. Whoever. Whatever. Go do it. Now. 🙂

Sports teams I like

At the beginning of the month, the NaBloPoMo prompt was “Are you a fan of a sports team?  When did you become a fan?” As a San Francisco resident, I am a fan of the SF Giants. I became a fan when I went to my first game. I had gone to baseball games before, but I think they were all minor league games. I think this was my first major league team that I watched live. It was the best baseball game I went to, which is probably not saying much. In Connecticut, people are mostly fans (or even fanatics) of The New York Yankees or The Boston Red Sox. I watched people in my school fight (nothing violent) about “their” baseball team. I like that when you walk down the street (especially on game days) you can see a number of people wearing some sort of Giants gear-a hat, a jersey, etc. Some fans go all out and wear as much stuff as they can. Some people just wear a lot of black and orange. I feel like there is, for a moment, one big happy, Giants-loving family walking down the street when I see a bunch of people in this garb coming or going to a game. Even though they don’t know each other, they are happy to be walking together, talking about the players and the history of the team. I like that it is just a baseball team that can bring these people together.  I think this is something you would only see in San Francisco. People banning together and loving one thing. While there are people from all over, even transplants like myself even get in on that action. I think even if I move away from SF, I will be a Giants fan because of all the loyalty. This is such a great city.

It’s summertime!

The official first day of summer was on the 21st, so it is really summertime now! When I think of summer, I think of hot days, days on the beach, just soaking in the sun and trying to get tan. A time for rest and relaxation. It means barbecues and swimming at the pool or in the ocean. It means picnics on the grass with your hair gently blowing in the breeze. This is what I think of when I think of summer. I also think of eating watermelon with the juice running down my chin and ice cream that is melting faster than I can lick it. What are your favorite summer things? I like taking the time to discover something new.

Lately, I discovered a new place to share the things you love, called Pinterest. It is a bunch of bulletin boards you “pin” pictures of stuff on and you share what you love. Some people share pictures of thoughts and words to live by. This I could spend all day looking at. I think I will also use it for recipes and other inspiring things. Things to look for in the future. Something to have in my future home. Somewhere to travel to once I have the time and money. It can be anything. You pin it and you share it and you follow people who have the same interests. It’s a nice little world I discovered. Here is a summertime picture I like and is just one of the things I would/did pin: