April 16-30 links

April showers brings May flowers…what’s blooming in your neighborhood?

Turning Chocolate on Its Head

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April 1-15 links

These are some interesting articles; no fooling! I hope you are all enjoying a great April so far!

Like chocolate? Like wine? You’re in luck

Does Wine Need Anything More Than a Glass?

Goat meat, the final frontier

Where the Wild Things Are

Ice Cream Bread

I made this bread because I was intrigued by the ingredients, especially the part about using any ice cream flavor. I got the ice cream from Trader Joe’s, and while they’re all about natural ingredients, this ice cream did fall into the category of having unpronounceableĀ  ingredients.

I think this bread would’ve been better if it was made with all natural ingredients. The bread I made was gummy and doughy, and just weird in texture.

I thought it would work out to be a brioche-y pound cake, since the ingredients would’ve worked out that way, if they were broken down in their natural state. Ice cream is basically milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks. This, combined with self-rising flour-or what I had on hand-a combination of flour, baking powder, and salt-would be an ingredients list for pound cake. The part that reminded me of brioche was how much fat was being used. I would like to try the recipe again with an all natural ice cream, perhaps one that I make myself.Ā  For those of you who want to try it yourself, and perhaps, comment about it, the recipe follows. Continue reading