Hello, May! {Good-bye, April!}

April was a great month! From celebrating Passover, to some of my favorite things, to participating in a wonderful bake sale, it has been packed with lots of great events with fantastic friends! May is already getting packed with wonderful things, and I am taking on another month challenge. In the past I have made desserts with the Daring Bakers, and participated in NaBloPoMo. This May, I am taking on a new feat, the Photo A Day May. It includes taking a picture everyday and posting about it. I am excited about this challenge, since I have not only been looking for a way to take more photos, but it will give me a chance to try more photo editing as I will be putting the photos across the Interwebs. I also love this challenge because it allows me to think about photographs in a more creative way and, like the month challenges I participated in before, it makes me have to blog more often. In case you want to participate, too, and to make it easier to follow along, here’s what I will be taking photos of:


Baking for a Cause: SF Food Bloggers Bake Sale 2011

This is the 2nd Annual National Food Bloggers Bake Sale, brought to you by Share Our Strength. This year, in San Francisco, it was held at two locations, at 18 Reasons in The Mission, and at Kiehl’s on Fillmore. There were a lot of bloggers that contributed. I wanted to be a part of it again this year, but was busy with work. I did stop by and meet some of the bloggers including Irvin from Eat The Love and Heather from Souffle Days. I also bought some tasty treats, including the Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie (anyone know who made those?) and Oatmeal Carmelitas from Black Heart Baker. Yum! I wish I could try a bit of everything-it all looked delicious! I like the idea of the bake sale, helping out people from all over the world, and hope it happens more often! Not only does it help to bring a local community of bakers/bloggers together, the money raised all goes to a good cause. Thank you to everyone that helped contribute to this bake sale!

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Cookies for a Cause: Pictures

I didn’t want to make the last post too long, so I am added all of the pictures I have as a slide show. (This also gives me an excuse to use the slide show feature for the first time!)

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Cookies for a Cause

Even though I don’t need a reason to bake, I think this was a pretty good one: It was the National Food Bloggers’ Bake Sale, for which all of the money raised helps “Share Our Strength”,  which is an organization that helps end childhood hunger. I found out about the bake sale on this blog: Dessert First, and from there, you can find out more information about the charity. I made the Better Than Brownie cookies, so I will finally add that recipe to the site (follow the jump or go to the “recipes” page, found at the top of the screen.)

I had a lot of fun at the sale, even though I was there at the end, and didn’t get a chance to talk to the other bloggers/bakers. I did get a chance to hear the author of Cake Bible, and her newest book, Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, (among other cookbooks) talk about the cakes and baking and I got her signature in the book! I loved every minute of that!

I have many more pictures to share, so I will post them as a slide show.

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