Goals in life

Everyone has goals in life. Things that will make us happy. That will make our lives better. I have little goals and big goals and little goals to make the big goals happen. For example:

  • Make money.
  • Make enough money to start a business.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Learn the ins and outs of having a business.
  • Pay back student loans.

I feel like these are all connected goals having to do with my career. Then there are more goals that are for life:

  • Travel more. Travel outside of the U.S.
  • Travel to more states in the U.S.
  • Fall in love. Get married. Have a family. (In that order, over years of time.)
  • Own a house.

Here are some goals that I think can come sooner than later:

  • Own a dog.
  • Live in an apartment by myself.
  • Get a new laptop.

Here is a goal that I think everyone should have:

  • Be a better person
  • (See last post about being kind to others)

What are some of your goals? I think it is best to write them down on a single piece of paper. Put it away somewhere and take it out on your birthday every year. Cross out the things you’ve achieved and add at least two new ones. Remember this:


Random acts of kindness…

…should be done more often. I wrote that as a typo at first: Random acts of kidness. Funny how one letter could change the meaning. Even though “kidness” is not a word, I feel like making it one. Like something that is playful or reminds you of being a kid. kidness. think about it. Anyway, what I meant to say was kindness. People are kind to people, believe it or not. But not as often as they should be. I thought about writing about how one should be kind to others by doing certain things, but really almost anything will do. I went to an event called the Swagapalooza, where I learned about these cards that you can buy, and they are all about random acts of kindness. What you do is take one of the cards, do the thing that is on it, and then pass that card on to someone. Then they do that thing on the card and pass it on. A way of passing it forward. You can register the card online and “follow” where it goes and even read the stories that come from it. I got a pack of these cards for free at the event. The ones I got are about doing more “green” things. Cool concept, right? I was thinking about all of this because of my new obsession, Pintrest, where I have found great inspiration for all parts of life. From “words to live by” to “food to make” and “my style board” I have found many things that I want in my life. I think that these are things that everyone should want in their life, too. (Find me on Pintrest if you are interested, and want to know more) So my message today is to go out and do something nice for someone. Anyone. Someone you know. A stranger. Whoever. Whatever. Go do it. Now. 🙂

Sports teams I like

At the beginning of the month, the NaBloPoMo prompt was “Are you a fan of a sports team?  When did you become a fan?” As a San Francisco resident, I am a fan of the SF Giants. I became a fan when I went to my first game. I had gone to baseball games before, but I think they were all minor league games. I think this was my first major league team that I watched live. It was the best baseball game I went to, which is probably not saying much. In Connecticut, people are mostly fans (or even fanatics) of The New York Yankees or The Boston Red Sox. I watched people in my school fight (nothing violent) about “their” baseball team. I like that when you walk down the street (especially on game days) you can see a number of people wearing some sort of Giants gear-a hat, a jersey, etc. Some fans go all out and wear as much stuff as they can. Some people just wear a lot of black and orange. I feel like there is, for a moment, one big happy, Giants-loving family walking down the street when I see a bunch of people in this garb coming or going to a game. Even though they don’t know each other, they are happy to be walking together, talking about the players and the history of the team. I like that it is just a baseball team that can bring these people together.  I think this is something you would only see in San Francisco. People banning together and loving one thing. While there are people from all over, even transplants like myself even get in on that action. I think even if I move away from SF, I will be a Giants fan because of all the loyalty. This is such a great city.

It’s summertime!

The official first day of summer was on the 21st, so it is really summertime now! When I think of summer, I think of hot days, days on the beach, just soaking in the sun and trying to get tan. A time for rest and relaxation. It means barbecues and swimming at the pool or in the ocean. It means picnics on the grass with your hair gently blowing in the breeze. This is what I think of when I think of summer. I also think of eating watermelon with the juice running down my chin and ice cream that is melting faster than I can lick it. What are your favorite summer things? I like taking the time to discover something new.

Lately, I discovered a new place to share the things you love, called Pinterest. It is a bunch of bulletin boards you “pin” pictures of stuff on and you share what you love. Some people share pictures of thoughts and words to live by. This I could spend all day looking at. I think I will also use it for recipes and other inspiring things. Things to look for in the future. Something to have in my future home. Somewhere to travel to once I have the time and money. It can be anything. You pin it and you share it and you follow people who have the same interests. It’s a nice little world I discovered. Here is a summertime picture I like and is just one of the things I would/did pin:

What is the hardest goodbye you’ve ever had to do?

Tough question. I think the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to do was when I first moved into college and away from home, away from my parents the first time. I am the youngest (of two) and less independent than my sister was. However, I think after the first day/night, I got over it pretty quickly. Made friends with the people in my dorm/classes and just lived life. I had been away from home before, both on vacation, and at sleep-away camp. But this felt more real. Like I was being unleashed and let into the world.  I felt like I was really on my own for the first time. No camp counselor looking after you. And while I was only in the next state, it still felt far away. Far enough away to feel this sense of alone-ness. Close enough to visit often with no problem. Still in the same time zone. Less than 3,000 miles away. So happy it was not any of those things. Happy that I decided to stay somewhat local. Still not sure how I moved by myself to San Francisco. Which was/is 3,000 miles away, and in a different time zone. But, I think it is the things I learned about being away for two years in college that made it easier. It was also that I had done it before. I had moved away from home. New (drastically new) things are hard for me. I am okay with trying something once. Fine with changing my haircut, eating a new food, but moving somewhere and living somewhere new was something I had not experienced until college. I lived in the same house the first 18 years of my life. I think it is not really that common for someone to do that. Even my sister moved for the first time when she was about five-years-old. I guess, for me, having to move, and saying goodbye to that old living space is the hardest part. It is leaving that comfort zone where you know how to get around and where the closest grocery store is and where to get that midnight snack or where the closest laundromat is or whatever it is you need to get to often. I am happy I made the move and marked that chapter in my life story and am happy to have said “goodbye” to Connecticut and “hello” to California. It is different from what I expected and I didn’t really know what to expect. I am also happy to say “welcome” when I meet someone who just moved here, as if I have been here my whole life. I like giving directions like a real local. I remember the first time someone asked me for directions in my first year here. It was such a great feeling knowing that I looked like a local already! I know some people who are moving away and some people who are planning on moving here. People ask if I will stay here. I think I will stay here for now. Happy to be here and definitely not saying goodbye yet. If/when I do, it will be a hard time leaving such a wonderful city.

Breakfast for dinner

We’ve all done it. Don’t act like you haven’t had pancakes or waffles for dinner before. You won’t admit it (or maybe you will) because you are afraid that it is wrong. Like eating dessert for breakfast. Who hasn’t had a piece of cake for brekkie? Why am I using this British word? (because it’s English–ha ha–get it?) Anyway…last night I had pancakes for dinner and it was fantastic. They were chocolate chip pancakes. No syrup required. These were more like chocolate chips with pancake batter. Uh, yeah…that was actually just the last one because all the chips sank to the bottom of the bowl and didn’t pour out evenly like I wanted. I should’ve just added them as I went, but clearly, I was being lazy. But it didn’t matter because I was the only one eating them. Pancakes for one. Which reminds me of a song. And since I’ve been about posting videos lately, I will post a video of the song it reminds me of. Maybe next time you have pancakes (no matter what time it is) you’ll think of this song. Or not. Whatevs. Enjoy your breakfast.

What is one thing you would never in a million years eat?

While I have already talked about some foods I am not a fan of, today I am talking about something I do not think I would ever try. That is anything that falls into the worm/grub category. I know that people eat them in other parts of the country and they can be good if prepared correctly, but that they were once crawling in the dirt, even eating the dirt just grosses me out. Not to mention the slimy-ness of it all. I know there has been chatter about eating bugs and how they are rich in protein, etc. But I do not see myself eating them in the near future.  I think this post needs no more explanation. I simply will not be eating worms, grubs, or bugs (on purpose). Sorry for a short post, but that’s really all I feel like saying on the subject. In case you are interested in what insects can do for you, here is a video that tries to convince you to eat insects: