June Daring Bakers’ Challenge

The June 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Dawn of Doable and Delicious. Dawn challenged the Daring Bakers’ to make Chocolate Pavlovas and Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse. The challenge recipe is based on a recipe from the book Chocolate Epiphany by Francois Payard.

This was one delicious, chocolate-y challenge. I think the hardest part was not eating all of it in one sitting.

This is a three-part dessert, but all parts are really simple to make. It’s chocolate meringues, chocolate mascarpone mousse, and mascarpone cream anglaise sauce.

I did not find mascarpone cheese in either Lucky or Safeway, so I bought cream cheese, sour cream, and (extra) heavy cream to “make” my own mascarpone cheese, as I did not feel like making mascarpone cheese the way we did a few months back.

Anyway, I think because of my impatience (not letting the cream cheese soften), there were some parts of the mousse that had pockets of cheese, but it still tasted good and made me just as fat.

I had some cream anglaise sauce and mousse left over because I did not make many meringues, so I did a little experimenting, and mixed the two together and froze them in my springform pan. My plan was to have a no-crust cheesecake, but what I ended up with was an un-mold-able cross between chocolate ice cream and frozen chocolate mascarpone mousse. I think some people might call this a semi-freddo, but I am not sure that is the proper name for it. Anyway, it is a mighty, tasty concoction.

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We made some chocolate meringues on Wednesday. (I was too tired to post about them yesterday.) They are really easy to make. I don’t really have a recipe, but allrecipes.com should have some good ones. I just whipped up some egg whites and sugar, and then folded in some cocoa powder. Spooned them onto cookie trays (I suggest spraying with pan spray/greasing them.) Bake for about 20-25 minutes in a pre-heated 300º oven. ***Update: The “recipe” I used was more like the meringue you would use for the top of a lemon meringue pie. You need finely granulated sugar for meringue cookies. Also, a lower temperature (like around 200º) for about 3 hours is better.***Then, I took them out, but most recipes say to turn off the oven to dry them out. I like meringues dry (If I eat them at all.) but Benjie likes them gooey, so I chose to pull them out of the oven and ate them then. *This is still true for meringue cookies (not pie meringue)* If you omit the chocolate, I definitely suggest drying them out because otherwise, you are going to be left with icky, gooey egg whites. Nothing yummy about that. The picture of the whipped whites are kinda cool, (look how white and fluffy!) but the picture of the chocolate meringues are not that pretty, and are not blog-worthy.

I am attending a friend’s wedding tomorrow and a pre-wedding dinner tonight, so I will hopefully get a chance to take some pictures of/try some nice looking/good desserts this weekend!

Part Two(s)

So, we made the Better Than Brownie Cookies (again) but this time we added butterscotch chips instead of chocolate chips. They were well-received at the Break-fast that we went to after Yom Kippor ended last night.

Also, we made pumpkin pie from the leftover filling that was in Benjie’s freezer from the pie pops.
That was really good, too. For the crust, I made the dough that was supposed to be turned into puff dough for turnovers, so it was a little bit different than basic pie dough. This recipe included milk and sugar, which I used in place of ice water in ordinary pie crust. We will be making turnovers some time in the near future, so look for the crust recipe then.

No pictures of anything, sorry. Though, I will have my camera ready tomorrow night, when we make some meringues! :o)