Foodbuzz Daily Special (3)

Today’s Foodbuzz Daily Special is the Chop-n-Scoop Board. According to the website, “This nifty design combines the features of a scoop and cutting board in one tool.”

It reminds me of my favorite commercial (remix) for the slap chop.


Foodbuzz Special of the Week (2)

This week is week 2 of 6 of the Foodbuzz weekly specials. Today, June 3, the special item is Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla.
I have used this vanilla in various jobs and internships I’ve held over the years. It tastes good in cookies, cakes, and all other baked goods.

Foodbuzz Daily Special (Week 1)

For the next six weeks, I will be blogging about the “Daily Special” as brought to you by Foodbuzz.
Today’s Daily Special is the following:

Grilling Baskets and Tray

Look for more Daily Specials in the next few weeks!