Baking for Birthright Israel NEXT Shabbat

I hosted a picnic in Alta Plaza park in San Francisco via Birthright Israel NEXT Shabbat. It’s a great program that allows alumni to host Shabbat meals and get reimbursed based on the number of people that attend the event (up to 16 people). This was my second Shabbat meal this year. This time I got catered food from Beautifull and made cupcakes. The cupcakes I made were chocolate and vanilla marbled cake, with vanilla frosting as well as some topped with slivered almonds covered in cinnamon sugar.

C is for cookie, and that’s good enough for me!

Purim was celebrated on Saturday and what a day it was!

In the morning, I ran with the Jews For Run group in their Pacing For Purim “race”. It was the first time I went running (other than going to the gym) and I had a great time (even getting drenched in the rain)! It was motivational to run in a group and to get inspiration from runners of all kinds of experience.

The main highlight of the day was Purim Palooza (see pictures here -I’m in some!) I went to the show at Temple Emanu-el as Cookie Monster, but took the hat off that made the costume, and became just someone in a onesie at the after party at the Rockit Room. Anyway, as Cookie Monster, I thought it was a good idea to show up with a bunch of cookies, and since it was Purim, I decided on Hamentashen. I used the same recipe as before, and used chocolate chips as the filling and put some poppy seeds in the dough. I found that the ones that were more closed tasted better, since you got chocolate in each bite.

This post was brought to you by the letter H, for Hamentashen!

Schmoozing in Sonoma

I went on a Sonoma wine tour with Birthright Israel/Bay Area Tribe. The “theme” of this year’s trip was “I heard it through the grapevine.” We (sorta) learned a bit about gossip/it’s connection to Judaism, hence the title of this post, “Schmoozing in Sonoma”. Also, it’s just what happens when you get a bunch of (tipsy) Jews together. 🙂
Yes, it has nothing to do with dessert (though there was really good gelato) but it does have to do with food, so I felt like it was okay to add to my blog. 🙂
There were almost 200 people on the trip, so we were divided up into four different buses. Each bus went to two wineries and all of us met up for lunch at an olive oil company. (this is where the gelato comes in)
My bus went to Landmark and Mayo wineries.

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The first was bigger (I think) and had better wine. Though, my judgment might have been thrown off a bit because it was about 11:45am and I had not really eaten anything before we left. The other winery we went to after a quick lunch-catered by Beautifull!-so I only had one (half) glass and it was only okay. But, based on others’ reviews, I would say that overall, the first wines really were better. Also, at lunch, there was wine on from a keg (like beer) made by this guy. It was a cool experience overall. I would’ve liked some sort of tour/more background about the wine, and not just tasting, but I guess there was not enough time for all of that. I’ll have to find time and a way to get back there again someday.