What I’m Liking Wednesday

Back from Portland and back to blogging.

What I’ve been liking this week:

  1. Reading (real) magazines. I still subscribe to both Food & Wine and Bon Appetit magazines, the print versions of each. I like the feel of real (print) magazines rather than reading articles on the Internet. Not only is the weight of the magazine and the feel of the pages nice, but so are the pictures. You definitely do not see the type of photograph or amount of detail in a photograph on a website. No matter how much the photo was edited, print pictures are always nicer. I feel like you get more of the story with the pictures close up, in your hands, rather than on a screen. I think that although you can read the same articles online or in an “e-reader” format, and still have access to the recipes, it will be a while until I switch over to digital. In fact, I think I’ll probably wait until I am forced to switch over to reading magazines on digital; I’ll still buy and read the real thing.
  2. Doing things by hand. I have been baking a lot recently (yes, there will finally be recipes posted), and I have been mixing the dough by hand. It is easy to mix a pie or tart dough by hand, since it is just a few ingredients. It is only slightly more difficult to mix more complex recipes, such as cookie dough by hand, but it can be done. I recently made challah, and I kneaded the dough by hand. Creating dough by hand means taking more time. Really feeling and knowing the ingredients. Knowing what is going into the product. Taking the time to yourself and using that time to concentrate on the simple movement of mixing the batter or kneading the dough. Taking time to think. To think about things in your life. It is a good time to relax and enjoy living.
  3. Accessories. I usually wear simple outfits, so I like to accessorize, but I try to keep it simple. I add a nice pair of earrings. Sunglasses. A scarf. Gold polish on my toe nails. Recently, I’ve gotten back into wearing headbands. In Portland, I bought a great peacock feather adorned headband. (Maybe there will be a picture soon.) A small bag with just the essentials (phone/money/keys) in it. Keeping it simple with accessories is important. Sometimes I see people with too much on and it looks gaudy. Keep it simple and it’ll go far.

Speaking of keeping it simple, I’m going to keep this post short. I’m sure I’ll have more to say next week. You’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

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