What I’m Reading Wednesday

This week, I bring you the list of blogs I read that are written by people living in a different country. Just because they might write their recipes with grams instead of ounces and degrees Celsius instead of degrees Fahrenheit, does not mean that these blogs are to be put to shame, but instead, they are to be put in the spotlight. These are also just some of the greatest blogs out there, found on many “best of” lists and in the media and linked to across the Internets.

  1. David Lebovitz. He writes from Paris, about food and everything you might be able to find/be interested to find in Paris.
  2. Eatshowandtell. This is a blog written by five friends in Sydney. They write about the restaurants they visit, and of course, about food.
  3. Like A Strawberry Milk. Fanny is from London and writes about desserts and other sweet things in life.
  4. Baking Obsession. This is another baking blog (as if you didn’t get that from the title). Vera writes from British Colombia.
  5. Jumbo Empanadas. This blogger lives in Toronto, Canada. Another food/travel blog.

I hope you enjoy these international blogs as much (or more!) as I do! Happy reading!


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