Photo Friday!

This month, I am participating in the Photo A Day May from Fat Mum Slim. These are the photos from week five: (last week! I can’t believe it’s June already!)

26. 12 o’clock. This was tough because of working through this time since I work at a restaurant and everyone comes there for their lunch break. Also, I did not want to stay up until midnight. So I took this picture on my day off. Almost missed it! I only got one shot because I caught the last 30 seconds of the minute.

27. Something sweet. Dessert. Of course. This is angel food cake I made recently, but more on that later.

28. The weather today. Surprisingly sunny. Pretty Clouds.

29. A number. This is one of the new “stop ids” at the bus stops near my work. They have these numbers at most bus stops now so that you can call up and get a prediction (relatively accurate!) of when the next bus is coming.

30. My personality. I’m a true Scorpio. Also, I guess I can be a bit blurry sometimes. 😉

31. Something beautiful. I am a cheater! Or just thinking outside the box. Took a picture of the restaurant sign for Beautifull!

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