Photo Friday! (on Sunday)

This month, I am participating in the Photo A Day May from Fat Mum Slim. These are the photos from week two:
5. Bird. This one was surprisingly hard; I guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time for finding a bird. I finally found one in a picture at the art show I went to that night.
6. You. I just decided to take a photo of me taking a photo. Simple.
7. Someone that inspires you. This one I have to cheat on because this person is on the East coast, while I am on the West coast. I am very inspired by my sister. I have always looked up to her and learn a lot from her. This picture is from her “wedding”, a few years ago. I am proud to say that she is really married now, due to New York passing the civil rights law recently, allowing gays to marry!
8. A smell you adore. I love the smell of these spices/flavors. Cinnamon is definitely my favorite overall.
9. Something that you do everyday. While I definitely do not post/write as much as I would like to, I think about my blog everyday.
10. A favorite word. I think that “love” and “free” are two of the best four-letter words, but “Goonies” is pretty good, too, especially written into the sidewalk.
11. Kitchen. This is the kitchen of the apartment I live in right now.
12. Something that makes me happy. Ice cream! That, and a bunch of friends hanging out together tasting ice cream on a walking tour around the city on a nice, sunny day. 13. Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all future, past, and present moms out there! 🙂


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