Who would you love to meet for lunch?

I could answer this in a few ways. One way would be with celebrities. I would like to bring some people back to life such as Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball. I could see eating lunch with some famous chefs including Tom Colicchio and other people from Top Chef. Maybe cook lunch with them? Eat in one of their restaurants? I could also go with the real people who I have only “met” through the blog-osphere. People such as Joy The Baker or the Pioneer Woman. I did go to the Foodbuzz weekend in November last year, and I met some really great bloggers there. That was fun, even though I had to work through most of it. I could also say that I would love to meet up with my friends from college that I have not seen since graduating. I could even say that I would want to meet up with the people I was friends with in high school. That would be interesting. Any of these situations would be interesting. Where would we eat? What would we eat? Would it just be lunch or a whole day? I guess with the celebrities and the chefs, it would be in a fancier restaurant than with my friends, assuming that we are paying for the lunch. If we didn’t have to pay, I guess the place would be similar across the board.  Eating lunch with these people at once would not be allowed. The food bloggers and the chefs can get together, because that’s cool. It can also be people and celebrities together, like one “regular” person and one celebrity each. But I think those are the only combos allowed. No need to have bloggers with friends that I haven’t seen in years. So I guess I have a variety of people who I would want to meet for lunch. Have to have multiple lunches and a way to bring people back from the dead (only the good ones). Maybe someday….

One thought on “Who would you love to meet for lunch?

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