So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

I am sorry I have not kept up with the NaBloPoMo challenge as well as I did last month, but I have been busy in the past few days and have not had time to post anything. My mom moved to SF on the 8th so I have spent time with her and showing her all the city has to offer. I enjoy having someone to share the city with (besides my friends) where I can be the tour guide. I like being the one that knows how to get from place to place and where the best places in each neighborhood. It also gives me a chance to figure out more of the city than I have discovered in the past 3 years. I feel like I have learned a lot about it, but could always learn more. I am an explorer and I like getting lost and then found again, especially discovering new restaurants or fun shops or parks to hang out at, and especially with another person. So I want to know, what are your favorite places in San Francisco? Best restaurants/cafes in each neighborhood?

I will try to update daily as I should be, but at least every other day. Again, I am sorry for not keeping up with the posts (and thank you for understanding. :))


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