“Yesterday came suddenly…”

I realize that I forgot to post something yesterday, so I am planning on posting twice today to make up for it (doesn’t mean that’s going to happen, but I’ll try)

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be “Do you consider yourself a strong swimmer?” I definitely do not consider myself a strong swimmer, though I wish I was and I try to be. I took swimming lessons when I was younger and still fail to do the backstroke without going on a diagonal. I am afraid of going in too deep when swimming in the ocean. I think I just got jinxed with my name being associated with a mermaid. Everyone thinks I should be a good swimmer because of that. Well, they would be wrong. I like swimming, and even go the pool for exercise and not going on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and I have fun swimming, but I am simply not good at. Also, I never really learned how to dive. I learned once, but not formally, only on a family vacation. But that’s okay, it’s not really a skill you need in life. Why do you need to be able to swim? To help save a life? Maybe, but seems so highly unlikely. Why are there lifeguards? These are the people who are strong swimmers. That’s all you need. Just one person in the group that is a strong swimmer. Because you never swim alone. Everyone knows that. Anyway, that should be enough to make up for yesterday and to hold you over until my next post, which may, or may not be, later today.

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