Are you scared of being in open water?

Taking this question literally, no, I am not afraid of being in open water. I have been on a boat before and I was in the ocean swimming and snorkeling before. Taking this question in a different direction and having the open water be an unsure place, then yes, I am scared. I am not fond of being away from my comfort zone. That’s why it’s called a comfort zone. A place where you know everything is going to be okay. Now, I have expanded that comfort zone from Connecticut to New York to California. I have lived in these places and I have lived with a variety of people and have done things I was not comfortable with, but realized that everything was going to be okay. You have to have a positive, open-minded, “go-with-the-flow” mind to be able to pick up and just move your life from one place to another. I was definitely scared to do this, to travel to this unknown place, where I did not know anyone and did not know where I was going to live or what I was going to do. But I was confident in myself and I had family and friends that backed me up. I did the best I could and worked hard at finding an apartment and a job. I did it without knowing much and I was successful at it. I do not think I would be the person I am today if I did not take that first step out of my comfort zone and into “open water”

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