What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the water?

I would not call it strange, since these animals belong in water, but it was strange seeing dolphins so close to home. The first time I was at Baker Beach in San Francisco, I was looking out and saw dolphins swimming in the water. They were even somewhat close to shore. I tried to take some pictures, but kept missing them. 😦 There were other people who saw them though. It was interesting to me since I had lived in Florida for a short time and my roommates then had gone out on a boat and saw them in the Gulf, but I wasn’t even on a boat. Just sitting in the sand enjoying the sunshine and warmth. So, it wasn’t strange to see them in the water, but strange to see them in the setting I was in. I know that San Francisco is sorta famous for the seals that hang out at the piers near Fisherman’s Wharf, and I’ve heard there are parrots that live in the Palm trees that are along the Embarccadero (yet I have not seen those) so I know that there’s some creatures that lurk around these parts (as well as some interesting characters) so when I tell this story, people seem surprised, yet seem to believe it. It was pretty cool to see dolphins without leaving home, but now I just want to see them again. And get some pictures. But for now, here’s a cute dolphin (and cat) video (because what else is YouTube good for?):

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