What is your favorite board game?

(last NaBloPoMo post for June-I did it!) This is a tough question…I like many board games. I suppose Sorry! is/was the best one because it was a bit of chance, and a bit of strategy. Once I learned the strategy, it was one of the board games I was good at winning. I also like playing Monopoly, but I am not as good at that. I liked playing trivia games including Trivial Pursuit, and Go To The Head Of The Class. I am/was not very good at those either because I am not very good at remembering (trivial) facts. Hmm…I was a big fan of Candyland but that is really just a game of chance. As was Trouble. I also like playing Clue and even watching the movie from time to time, but I am also not very good at making guesses. I’ve played The Game Of Life a couple of times, and not really a big fan of it. I guess my favorite board games involve either trivia or strategy, even if I am terrible at it because when I win, it really makes me feel more like I’ve accomplished something. Really hard to pick just one as my favorite. I guess if I really had to choose, I would say Sorry! because while simple, there is enough strategy and change in the game to keep me interested for a while. Does Scrabble count as a board game? I don’t really know what else it would count as. Just a word game? Anyway, I like Scrabble, but I’ve learned to like Bananagrams better. It goes faster and you don’t have to wait for other people. You also do not have to score anything, since there are no point values on the tiles and no board, so no “triple word scores” to count. I also like playing classics such as checkers or Backgammon.  I like playing Connect Four, but I am not sure that counts as a board game, since it is vertical. I guess that’s pretty much all the board games I’ve played. So I guess you could say I like them all. What kind of games do you like to play?

2 thoughts on “What is your favorite board game?

  1. It’s more a card game than a board game per se, but we have recently taken up playing Apples to Apples … and we don’t even have any kids in the house! If your family and/or friends are on the goofy side, this can get pretty hysterical. Definitely check it out next time you’re game shopping. 🙂

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