Random acts of kindness…

…should be done more often. I wrote that as a typo at first: Random acts of kidness. Funny how one letter could change the meaning. Even though “kidness” is not a word, I feel like making it one. Like something that is playful or reminds you of being a kid. kidness. think about it. Anyway, what I meant to say was kindness. People are kind to people, believe it or not. But not as often as they should be. I thought about writing about how one should be kind to others by doing certain things, but really almost anything will do. I went to an event called the Swagapalooza, where I learned about these cards that you can buy, and they are all about random acts of kindness. What you do is take one of the cards, do the thing that is on it, and then pass that card on to someone. Then they do that thing on the card and pass it on. A way of passing it forward. You can register the card online and “follow” where it goes and even read the stories that come from it. I got a pack of these cards for free at the event. The ones I got are about doing more “green” things. Cool concept, right? I was thinking about all of this because of my new obsession, Pintrest, where I have found great inspiration for all parts of life. From “words to live by” to “food to make” and “my style board” I have found many things that I want in my life. I think that these are things that everyone should want in their life, too. (Find me on Pintrest if you are interested, and want to know more) So my message today is to go out and do something nice for someone. Anyone. Someone you know. A stranger. Whoever. Whatever. Go do it. Now. 🙂

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