Sports teams I like

At the beginning of the month, the NaBloPoMo prompt was “Are you a fan of a sports team?  When did you become a fan?” As a San Francisco resident, I am a fan of the SF Giants. I became a fan when I went to my first game. I had gone to baseball games before, but I think they were all minor league games. I think this was my first major league team that I watched live. It was the best baseball game I went to, which is probably not saying much. In Connecticut, people are mostly fans (or even fanatics) of The New York Yankees or The Boston Red Sox. I watched people in my school fight (nothing violent) about “their” baseball team. I like that when you walk down the street (especially on game days) you can see a number of people wearing some sort of Giants gear-a hat, a jersey, etc. Some fans go all out and wear as much stuff as they can. Some people just wear a lot of black and orange. I feel like there is, for a moment, one big happy, Giants-loving family walking down the street when I see a bunch of people in this garb coming or going to a game. Even though they don’t know each other, they are happy to be walking together, talking about the players and the history of the team. I like that it is just a baseball team that can bring these people together.  I think this is something you would only see in San Francisco. People banning together and loving one thing. While there are people from all over, even transplants like myself even get in on that action. I think even if I move away from SF, I will be a Giants fan because of all the loyalty. This is such a great city.

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