It’s summertime!

The official first day of summer was on the 21st, so it is really summertime now! When I think of summer, I think of hot days, days on the beach, just soaking in the sun and trying to get tan. A time for rest and relaxation. It means barbecues and swimming at the pool or in the ocean. It means picnics on the grass with your hair gently blowing in the breeze. This is what I think of when I think of summer. I also think of eating watermelon with the juice running down my chin and ice cream that is melting faster than I can lick it. What are your favorite summer things? I like taking the time to discover something new.

Lately, I discovered a new place to share the things you love, called Pinterest. It is a bunch of bulletin boards you “pin” pictures of stuff on and you share what you love. Some people share pictures of thoughts and words to live by. This I could spend all day looking at. I think I will also use it for recipes and other inspiring things. Things to look for in the future. Something to have in my future home. Somewhere to travel to once I have the time and money. It can be anything. You pin it and you share it and you follow people who have the same interests. It’s a nice little world I discovered. Here is a summertime picture I like and is just one of the things I would/did pin:

One thought on “It’s summertime!

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