What is the hardest goodbye you’ve ever had to do?

Tough question. I think the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to do was when I first moved into college and away from home, away from my parents the first time. I am the youngest (of two) and less independent than my sister was. However, I think after the first day/night, I got over it pretty quickly. Made friends with the people in my dorm/classes and just lived life. I had been away from home before, both on vacation, and at sleep-away camp. But this felt more real. Like I was being unleashed and let into the world.  I felt like I was really on my own for the first time. No camp counselor looking after you. And while I was only in the next state, it still felt far away. Far enough away to feel this sense of alone-ness. Close enough to visit often with no problem. Still in the same time zone. Less than 3,000 miles away. So happy it was not any of those things. Happy that I decided to stay somewhat local. Still not sure how I moved by myself to San Francisco. Which was/is 3,000 miles away, and in a different time zone. But, I think it is the things I learned about being away for two years in college that made it easier. It was also that I had done it before. I had moved away from home. New (drastically new) things are hard for me. I am okay with trying something once. Fine with changing my haircut, eating a new food, but moving somewhere and living somewhere new was something I had not experienced until college. I lived in the same house the first 18 years of my life. I think it is not really that common for someone to do that. Even my sister moved for the first time when she was about five-years-old. I guess, for me, having to move, and saying goodbye to that old living space is the hardest part. It is leaving that comfort zone where you know how to get around and where the closest grocery store is and where to get that midnight snack or where the closest laundromat is or whatever it is you need to get to often. I am happy I made the move and marked that chapter in my life story and am happy to have said “goodbye” to Connecticut and “hello” to California. It is different from what I expected and I didn’t really know what to expect. I am also happy to say “welcome” when I meet someone who just moved here, as if I have been here my whole life. I like giving directions like a real local. I remember the first time someone asked me for directions in my first year here. It was such a great feeling knowing that I looked like a local already! I know some people who are moving away and some people who are planning on moving here. People ask if I will stay here. I think I will stay here for now. Happy to be here and definitely not saying goodbye yet. If/when I do, it will be a hard time leaving such a wonderful city.


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