What is one thing you would never in a million years eat?

While I have already talked about some foods I am not a fan of, today I am talking about something I do not think I would ever try. That is anything that falls into the worm/grub category. I know that people eat them in other parts of the country and they can be good if prepared correctly, but that they were once crawling in the dirt, even eating the dirt just grosses me out. Not to mention the slimy-ness of it all. I know there has been chatter about eating bugs and how they are rich in protein, etc. But I do not see myself eating them in the near future.  I think this post needs no more explanation. I simply will not be eating worms, grubs, or bugs (on purpose). Sorry for a short post, but that’s really all I feel like saying on the subject. In case you are interested in what insects can do for you, here is a video that tries to convince you to eat insects:



What's your opinion?

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