National Fudge Day

It’s that time of the year again! National Fudge Day! What? You’ve never heard of it? I hadn’t heard of most of the food days until I started in on Twitter and started following other “foodies” and food bloggers. There are National Food Days and Food Months for every day and every month! Most are dessert related, but some are about healthier foods. For example, tomorrow is Eat All Of Your Veggies Day. But, that’s tomorrow, and this is today. Then again, today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Wait, what? Anyway, let’s talk about fudge. I am not really a big fan of fudge, it being so rich and all. I do remember one bus ride back to school from a field trip, (I think it was fifth grade, to Sturbridge Village, in Massachusetts, where they have people dressed up in Colonial times wearing clothes from that time and acting like they were in that time period still.) with a box of fudge, somewhat melted from the hot day, while everyone else on the bus was sucking on their rock candy. Really. They had rock candy from the Colonial times. Weird, I know. I remember being impressed by how the fudge was made right there in the “Ye Olde Candy Shop” (that may be just a made up name for the candy shop that was there-my memory of the trip is a bit fuzzy.) It was good, but not so good that I needed much of it but I did try to make some myself. And failed. This attempt was before culinary school. After culinary school, I was more careful, and the fudge turned out okay. It was smooth-ish. There were some grainy bits, but at least it was still edible. And that’s my story about fudge. Remember to eat your veggies tomorrow!


One thought on “National Fudge Day

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