What food are you really not a fan of?

I used to not like as many fruits as I do now. I used to only like green grapes and watermelon. Now I like strawberries and blueberries and apples and pears and bananas. A much-needed improvement to my diet! I also liked hot dogs and scrambled eggs as a kid, but now I am not really a fan of either. I guess the ins and outs of culinary school really opened up the doors of new foods and flavors for me. Also, just growing up in general made me change my ways. When I was younger, I was much more of a picky eater than I am today. Now I have some foods I do not like, but I am more willing to try just about anything once. I would not eat sushi when I was younger and now I do. I know some adults who are so picky that they will not eat chicken on the bone. I never was and stay to be not that much of a picky eater. Anyway, this is about the food I am not really a fan of. I do not like very spicy food that overpowers your mouth to the point of not being able to taste the food. That being said, I do not like Indian or Thai food but am mostly okay with Mexican food.  I am not a fan of beans and not a fan of food with a mushy texture, except for bananas, and things that are supposed to be mushy such as mashed potatoes. I am not a fan of pickles or of snap peas or of Cole slaw or potato salad or chicken salad or egg salad. While I do like my veggies, I am not much for salads in general, and usually do not eat many sandwiches that include something other than tuna. Weird. I know. Maybe I haven’t tried that many new things to say that I do not like them, as I have grown to like most other food. Or maybe my brain is just scrambled now because I just finished writing a 15 page, 6,000 word paper. Hmmm…that could be it. Maybe if you comment what you do not like on your plate, I can think of more things, but for now, that’s about it.

One thought on “What food are you really not a fan of?

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