Which band have you traveled the farthest or paid the most to see play live?

I have been to the Treasure Island Music Festival, but I didn’t pay for my ticket, someone else bought it for me. However, it would’ve been the most I spent on a concert, and I would’ve gone again and I would be going to the Outside Lands this year, but I do not want to spend that amount of money now on a concert. I have not traveled too far to get to a concert, but thought about going somewhere just for a concert. I think the farthest I’ve gone is from San Francisco to Oakland. And that’s not that far. So I would if I could, but now, I can’t go and can’t spend that money. I love going to concerts and love supporting my favorite bands and musical artists by going to a live concert, and usually you get to hear special songs that are not available on CD or available online and it usually is better than when you are listening at home. So, if anyone want to be my concert buddy, someone who will dance with me and have fun at concerts with me, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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