What I’m Reading

I read mostly other food blogs. I also read my Twitter feed and then read the articles that people link to and I read my Facebook news feed (mostly about people getting married and having babies). All of these combined are interesting, but one of them alone (especially Facebook) can be quite boring. So, I also read “real” things including Bon Appetit Magazine and Food and Wine Magazine. I enjoy reading about food and travel, but sometimes need a break from that for a little while so I read books that have nothing to do with food or travel. Mostly. I did read Eat, Pray, Love and other food-related books, but I also read books, that, if they were movies, would fall into the Romantic Comedy category. The type of book that one might call a “beach read”. The last two books I read, such as, The New Yorkers, about New Yorkers who live about a block or so away from each other who come together via their dogs; and How Did You Get This Number?, a book of essays-snippets of the author’s life. Based on this list (and I think there’s an old list somewhere on Facebook that mentions which other books I’ve read) You can tell I do not read a variety of topics. I also tried listening to audio books, but found that wasn’t as enjoyable as the real book. It would be more enjoyable if it were like when I was younger, and learning how to read, and the books on tape read along with the real book I held in my hands. It would be cool if they had that now though I know I can go buy the book and follow along-but it would be nice not having to pay for the book twice. If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it (and want to write about it in the comments)!


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