What are you not a fan of?

It’s kind of hard question to answer. I can tell you I am not a fan of this question. Ha. Ha. I am not a fan of someone typing. their. sentence. like. this. to. add emphasis. It doesn’t work and doesn’t make sense. Along with that, I am not a fan of bad grammar and/or bad spelling. I understand that people type quickly and make mistakes every once in a while. I understand we are all human (I assume-though according to one of the latest RadioLab podcasts-it can be hard to tell.) and we might have typos. But if you are writing a blog or for some online newspaper or something that a lot of people will read, you should try to have correct grammar and spelling. It is so easy to check! Just take one more minute to re-read the article or post before hitting “publish”.

Another thing I am not a fan of is waiting for something just and when you finally get to your turn, you are turned down. For example, when you are in line at the grocery store and then the lane closes right as you are about to get your stuff rung up. Or, even worse, when you (finally) get seated at a restaurant and find out they are out of something on the menu. What’s up with that? As someone who works in the restaurant industry, I don’t understand how a chef that has run the same restaurant for years (and I assume has other restaurant experience) can’t seem to order enough fish for the night. Unless it is a special, and is literally the “catch of the day”, as in the chef went out and caught the fish that morning to sell at the restaurant that night, don’t expect me to come back to a restaurant that runs out of its main entrees early in the night. While on the subject of restaurants, I know that there are already many articles out there that describe pet peeves of chefs and waiters, so I won’t go in to details, but I do think that everyone should have either more patience with their servers and a little more respect for them, so that they can enjoy their night too, or become a server yourself and see how one lives.

There are also several articles out there that talk about words used in the food writing world that have begun to annoy the readers, and I will share some of the ones I am not a fan of: nom nom (as in a sound one might make while eating), delish (and other Rachel Ray type words including yum-o), resie, (short for reservation). When did these “words” get so popular that high-end food writers started using them? Really? They can’t write out something more descriptive?

Hmm…I don’t like ranting so much as raving about something for so long (another thing I am not a fan of!) so I am going to end this post.


What's your opinion?

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