October links (1-15)

You know the drill…first half of October links:

  1. Out of the Pie, Into the Muffin
  2. The best French toast you’ve never heard of
  3. The 36-Hour Dinner Party (if you read only one article that I post this month, I suggest this one. the best story, and it mentions my current place of employment, Boulettes Larder)
  4. Best-ever baking: biscuits and cookies
  5. Keeping It Kosher
  6. Is goat “the other white meat”? Yes, say two Brooklyn foodies turned shepherds (article about my sister’s goat farm!)
  7. Rise and shine: Skye Gyngell’s delicious damson
  8. A Dessert Party That Isn’t Cloying
  9. How to bake the perfect pie
  10. Sugar and spice make an unexpectedly nice dessert
  11. Is goat the ‘new’ meat of choice?

One thought on “October links (1-15)

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