September links: parts one and two (updated)

Another month full of wonderful foodie articles:

This time, I decided to break it up in half, since the list on the whole month was a bit long.

First half of the month (September 1-15)

  1. Fresh herbs make sweet and sophisticated ice cream
  2. A $10 “Cakeage” fee per guest is a little excessive
  3. A Chef in His Getaway Galley
  4. Roger Ebert: No Longer an Eater, Still a Cook
  5. Watermelons: What happened to the seeds?
  6. How the recession ate into diners’ table time
  7. Matchmaking for Cooks and Food Lovers
  8. Your morning cup of nostalgia: Cake baking in 1894
  9. Restaurant menus getting interactive, turning to iPads
  10. How Lunchtime Is Turning Into Snack Time
  11. Who Put the Whiskey in My Milkshake?

and here are the articles I read in the second half of the month. (September 16-30)

  1. Food as Art: A Craftsman’s Quest for Culinary Greatness
  2. Swizzle sticks make a new stir
  3. The World’s Most Influential Chefs
  4. ‘Top Chef’ Meets ‘Ratatouille’ In ‘Kings Of Pastry’
  5. Tacos boost cool quotient with new twists on taste
  6. San Francisco In Rare Restaurant Gold Rush
  7. Zagat results: Gary Danko most popular restaurant
  8. So a dish walks into a bar …
  9. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
  10. Ben & Jerry’s to curb use of ‘All Natural’ on labels

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