As promised from my last dessert post, this next post is about Hamentashen!

Sure, Purim was a week ago, but Hamentashen could really be eaten year-round. I made these little goodies for the Oscar-watching event that took place last night. They are basically little pies/turnovers that are triangular in shape. The process is quite simple, that you make the dough, let it chill, cut out circles, add filling, and place on the cookie sheet. Then the forming of triangles and egg washing the outsides. I found the recipe in what has now become one of my favorite cookbooks, The Field Guide To Cookies.

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first week of March…

Have you been liking my links posts?
Here’s what I’ve been reading this first week of March (3/1-3/5):

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Mmm…croissants: Perfect croissants? Set aside a day and a half.

Comfort desserts:  Bibiana chef isn’t making your granny’s desserts

Think about this next time you see your barista: The tip jar: Where karma, frugality collide

Almond Brown Sugar Cookies

I already made these brown sugar cookies for the Hanukkah party (Dec. 2009), but I decided to make them again for two reasons:
1) I wanted something simple, and I had all of the ingredients already
2) I had almonds leftover that I wanted to use up.
These are the two main reasons I find myself in the kitchen. The only other time I am baking something, it is for a special occasion, and now, since January, the Daring Bakers’ Challenge every month.
Anyway, if you want to know more about the cookies, you can check out the original post. If you want to check out the recipe, click here. Sorry for the short and lazy post. I promise the next one will be better. I am going to be making Hamentashen, which are cookies usually served for Purim, but I am a week late. But better late than never, right? 🙂