Gluten-free cookies

I’ve only baked with gluten-free flour a couple of other times, and the products tasted good; you wouldn’t even know they were gluten-free if I didn’t tell you. Well, this time, I used a pre-mixed all-purpose flour that contains tapioca flour, two different types of bean flour, and potato flour. This is similar to the flour blend recommended in the Gluten-Free Baking book (from the CIA) which contains potato starch, and white rice four. Now, the bag that I bought said to use xanthum gum with the flour, which I did not do. I am no expert, so I am not sure how much of a difference it would make, but I am willing to try adding some next, since these cookies turned out a bit flat. These are supposed to be chocolate crinkle cookies. You know, the cookies that are balled up and rolled in powdered sugar before baking? Well, they looked okay before going into the oven, even like regular cookies, but after baking for 10 minutes, they looked quite different from ordinary cookies. I have yet to try them, as I am bringing them with me to Passover (which is why I went to gluten-free baking in the first place) so, upon return, I will update with the taste factor. In the meantime, if you wish to try the cookies with the original (recommended) flour blend, follow the jump for the recipe.

yield 24 cookies

1/4 cup unsweetened chocolate chips

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 cup (8 oz.) sugar

2 ea. eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup (6.25 oz.) flour blend (recipe to follow)

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 cup (2.5oz) powdered sugar

  1. melt chocolate
  2. mix chocolate, oil, and sugar until just combined
  3. add eggs one at a time, scraping bowl as necessary
  4. mix in vanilla
  5. add flour, salt, and baking powder
  6. place dough, covered in plastic, in refrigerator, for at least two hours (overnight preferred)
  7. when ready to bake, preheat oven to 350ºF.
  8. scoop 30g portions (about the size of a quarter) and roll in powdered sugar
  9. place on parchment paper lined tray, 1/2 inch apart
  10. bake for 8-10 minutes

Flour blend:

white rice flour: 3/4 cup

potato starch: 4 cups

guar gum: 5 Tbsp.

albumen: 1/2 cup

total: 5-1/2 cups (1.5 pounds)


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