Did you remember to spring forward?

I always have trouble remembering when daylight saving time actually is. Luckily, most things that tell me the time (my computer, phone) automatically set themselves forward (or back, in the fall) and I just look at it in awe, like oh, I slept until 8 o’clock and not till 7 and I figure it out. Anyway, here are the articles that I read this past week:

I was not impressed by Tim Burton’s latest movie, Alice in Wonderland, but this chef was at least inspired to create: Drink Me potions and edible playing cards

I am going to be making marmalade for the first time in the next few days so I really liked this article: Pectin-rich ingredients show fat replacing potential

I’ve only baked with olive oil once, but apparently, it is a good thing for cake: Baking with olive oil makes a delicate, sun-kissed cake

Should there just be an Easy Bake Oven for adults? (RIP Easy Bake Oven creator, Ronald Howes) Kitchen Gadgets Take the Fast-Food Mentality Into the Home

I don’t think I could stomach this kind of food:  Live octopus? Goat kidneys? It’s what’s for dinner


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