links this week

What I’ve been reading (and watching) this week (Feb. 4 – Feb. 12):

from – Alice Waters Dishes on the Food Scene

an article and video about: “The Biggest Snack Food Stadium Ever”

a video that shows “Anthony Bourdain Schooled By A Young Fan”

a long, yet very interesting article called: “Everyone Eats …But that doesn’t make you a restaurant critic”.

an article that’s called: “One Bowl = 2 Servings. F.D.A. May Fix That.”

good thing I can write this at home: “Cafe owner asks patrons to log off, talk

“Growing appetite for low-cal foods: Some restaurants are providing their diners with healthier options

Whole Wheat Muffin, the Remix -from The New York Times

Beignets: Fried treats popular in New Orleans worthy of indulgence on Fat Tuesday -from

The secrets of restaurant dishes that endure from

Desserts that fall from the sky from

St Valentine’s Day: Mozart with your mosel? music + wine = nice atmosphere

Recipe Redux: Chocolate Caramels, 1881 – “In 1881, when this recipe ran in The Times, chocolate was a more unusual ingredient than the molasses that sweetens it.”

A Michelin-starred chef quits over his “too poncey” food. So what are the telltale signs? 10 ways to spot a pretentious restaurant

Revising the Classics: Culinary Sin? from The Atlantic


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