links about drinks

So, I said that I wanted to up the number of posts per month, and that I wanted to add links to articles that I like that I normally add to my twitter account. (As per a reader’s suggestion.) So, if you already follow me on twitter(@bakergirl87; the link is to the left), you may have already seen these links, and I am sorry for the repeats. Also, if you follow me on twitter, since I am going to add posts like this one to my blog, you will see less of those “tweets” and more of the “tweets” about my life, which might mean less “tweets” overall. (Have I used the word “tweet” enough?) I will (as always) post something to twitter about what I have just written about on this blog, so, you’ll still know about the articles I am reading and enjoying. I am going to try to have one of these posts per week, along with at least one baking post a week. Let’s see how it goes…
This week, all of the links have a theme: Drinks.

The glass is half-empty for premium-priced Cabernet – –

You Say “Mo-Jai-Toe,” I Say Mojito: – Chefs Cook Up Cocktails

I hope you like the addition to the blog. As always, I appreciate any comments/questions/thoughts/concerns you might have. Thanks! 😀


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