welcome to WordPress.

Instead of using blogger, I am trying to create my blog on wordpress. I have imported all of the posts I had on blogger to wordpress, and right now, the links that are used throughout the posts are linked back to blogger. I am trying to figure out how to automatically direct the blogger site to this one. If anyone knows how, please comment and help me out! Also, if you notice anything that was on the blogger site that is now missing (besides the ads) and you think it should be added, let me know. I really appreciate your help and I hope this transition goes smoothly. I also appreciate any comments/questions/concerns you have about my blog at all. Thanks!
***EDIT: I have successfully made it so that you get redirected to this site from the old blogger site. However, I am still trying to change it for each blog post. So if you click on a link that is supposed to lead to another post, for example, the link to the “chocolate wafers” from the “chocolate cheesecake” does not work as of right now.
Again, thanks for your patience during this transition. Hopefully, I will have everything up and running smoothly very soon.***EDIT (AGAIN): I changed the layout back and I am not redirecting the blogger site to this one because I lose the other links. You are just going to have to bookmark this site now. If you click on a link from this site, it will direct you back to the blogger site, unless it is a new post, then it will be on this site (WordPress). Sorry for this confusion, but this is the best I can do for now. ***


2 thoughts on “welcome to WordPress.

    • yeah, thanks. I have looked on here for help and found some things on Google. but it is just a little confusing. if nothing works, I am sure everyone will find the link on the blogger blog.

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