Brownies or cookies? How about both?!

Two posts in one day? Yes, I wanted to get right on baking things from my recipe binder, since there’s 101 recipes in there. (That’s no exaggeration, I counted and that’s really how many recipes there are.) So, I made the brownie chunk cookies…sorta. See, I was thinking about the Treasure Island Music Festival and I wanted to be able to bring some dessert to snack on while we are there, and well, there will be four of us, among the crowd of other SF/Bay Area locals coming together for this (awesome) concert. What better way to make some new friends than to share some delicious treats? (and make the friends I already have happy.) Therefore, I made the cookies into brownies. The original recipe

is for cookies with brownie chunks in them. (See picture) Since I wanted to make enough dessert for a crowd, I opted to make them brownies (blondies?) because then you get more pieces.  I also have leftover regular brownies. Hopefully, by Saturday, there will still be brownies (both kinds) left, since I know that my roommates like eating my treats really quickly. If not, I suppose I can make something else…

basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, but instead of chocolate chips, it’s brownie chunks. I don’t like nuts in my cookies/brownies, so I didn’t add the walnuts.
  note: I did not refrigerate/cool the brownies before adding them to the cookie batter, which is why there is not that pretty cookie/brownie contrast.

this is the brownie-cookies in brownie (blondie) form…YUM!


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