Foodbuzz Special

This is the second-to-last week of the Foodbuzz specials. Today’s item is the Taylor Instant-Read Digital Thermometer. I don’t know about this particular thermometer, but I do know that thermometers are important to have in a kitchen. I use candy thermometers when I am cooking sugar so that I know when it is at the right consistency. Others might use thermometers to test the internal temperatures of meat to be sure they are cooked to a safe temperature. There are many other (perhaps more professional) uses, too, such as for tempering chocolate, or baking bread. I am happy to say that most of the items on this week’s list are a lot more useful than say, last week’s salt and pepper shakers.

Foodbuzz Specials Week 4

This week the specials seem a bit silly/unnecessary like today’s special, the Electric Salt and Pepper Mills. You read correctly: ELECTRIC. These battery powered mills not only “grinds and dispenses freshly ground sea salt or peppercorns at the touch of a button” but they light up. So that during that romantic, candle-lit dinner, you can grind salt and pepper at ease and see where it’s going. Or, maybe use them during a power-outage, though I guess you might get a strobe light effect from clicking them on and off so many times. Anyway, if you want them, or want to give them as a gift (for those dads out there that like ANYTHING ELECTRIC-Father’s Day is this coming Sunday!) just click on that link! :)