Food blogger’s Bakesale 2012

UPDATE: This year’s bake sale was a great success! Thanks to all of the bakers and bloggers that helped out and contributed and thanks to all of you that stopped by! We made $1140! It’s that time of the year again! For the past two years, there has been a bake sale put on by food bloggers around the world to help raise money for Share Our Strength. You can participate and help out in several ways; you can bake something for the sale, and you can help sell the items, or you can come buy something, or you can go to the website and donate directly! This year, it is going to be Saturday, April 28th at Omnivore Books in San Francisco. Oh, and yes, I am making something for the sale, so at the very least, you can come by and say hi! :)

Mini Tartlets

When I saw these in the store, I knew I had to get them! I love all things mini. There’s just something about the small size that grabs my attention more than the full-size version. Mini Snickers bars that somehow only make an appearance on Halloween. Mini muffins or cupcakes. Mini loaves of bread. Mini. Easy. One or two bites. An amuse bouche. A petit four. Mignardises. How ever you put it, I love it!

I used these to make tartlets for New Year’s Eve this past year (2011-2012). I made chocolate ganache and orange curd tartlets. I sprinkled the chocolate ganache ones with white sugar crystals (the sort of sugar that does not dissolve) and the orange curd ones with homemade candied orange zest.

Cover of "Baking"

I got the recipes from one of my favorite cookbooks, Baking, by James Peterson. I like this book because it not only gives you great recipes, but because it shows you steps by picture and gives you more than one technique to doing something. For example, the tart/pie dough recipe can be made with either water, heavy cream, or eggs/egg whites as the liquid (or any other liquid–maybe orange juice). It also says how to mix the dough by hand (on a table or in a bowl) or by mixer. It is a great book for all of the basic baking you might want to do.

P.S. This post is a part of my catching up series.

Distictive Cookies. {Homemade Milanos}

You read that right. I made Milanos. The beloved chocolate sandwich cookies from Pepperidge Farm. We added orange zest to the cookies themselves, rather than adding an orange curd-type layer like the orange flavored ones, which gave ours a bit of uniqueness…all in all, they tasted similar to the originals, which is to say, quite good.

We brought them to a party, so we decided that we would have to package them like the real thing, in the white paper cups. We also put them in a white bag, but the Pepperidge Farm packers/people who made their packaging really know what they are doing and can make their cookies stand up. Our tower of cookies got all lopsided once in the bags. Nonetheless, our cookies made it to the party in one piece and were enjoyed by all!

P.S. This post is a part of my catching up series.


If you haven’t noticed already, I have made some updates to this blog. I have updated the “About Me” and “Work History” sections. I also have majorly changed the theme and format of my blog. I am also playing around with doing more photo editing. I want to make it look more professional and I want to have more personality. Any suggestions/comments are welcome! That’s all for now! Thanks for visiting!