March 1-15 links

Welcome to March! Spring is around the corner and the days are starting to get warmer and longer. Hopefully, all that snow is starting to melt away…sorry, living in San Francisco has given me a new perspective on “Nor’easter”; one where that term means nothing to me anymore…(did it ever REALLY have a meaning?) Anyway, warm up and enjoy these articles while you get ready for Spring:

  1. Chef, artists collaborate on new culinary experience
  2. Consider vanilla
  3. Consumers moving away from comfort
  4. Pop-Tarts any way you want them
  5. Chef builds kitchen of chocolate and sugar
  6. Celebrating The Pies Of March
  7. Even in cold weather, adult milkshakes remain hot
  8. Matzo Balls Meet Bacon At Top Chef’s Restaurant

I’ve got a feeling that SHABBAT’s gonna be a good night…

The title of this post inspired by this video…I am hosting a Shabbat Dinner tonight and it’s gonna be a good night. The dinner will be paid for by the Birthright Israel NEXT team. I am making vegetable matzo ball soup, roasted chicken, lasagna, some veggie sides, and of course, some awesome dessert including a pumpkin pie and chocolate cake. Recipes are either from Gourmet or Bon Appetit magazine or from other blogs or from my mother’s old recipes. (click on links for more information) This is the first dinner I am hosting, and hopefully not my last.

thanks to Rob, Zoe, Staci, Jason, Michele, Peter, and Aaron for making this night a special Shabbat to remember!